The top 8 most popular foods in Bangladesh

 The top 8 most popular foods in Bangladesh

Bangladeshis are some of the most food-loving people on the planet and with good reason! It’s hard to imagine a country that wouldn’t appreciate all the Bangladeshi foods that are considered must-eats in this culture. But just how popular are these foods? Here are eight foods from Bangladesh that are loved by everyone. In descending order, here are the most popular foods in Bangladesh.

8. (1) Biryani

Biryani is a common name for different varieties of rice dishes made with spices and meat or vegetables. The word biryani comes from two Persian words: boring and Kazan, which mean fried (food) in a pot and rice, respectively. Biryani has Persian origins and was traditionally a long-cooked rice dish. In Tamil Nadu, it is called pulao, while it is known as biriyani or biriyani among Muslims of South Asia.

7. (2) Kebab

As a land-locked country, fish is less prevalent in Bangladeshi cuisine than meat. Most meals are centered around rice or bread (roti). The most common meat dishes are beef (पानी खान), chicken (चुकी), mutton or lamb (Bos mutus) and goat (Capra hircus). Fish is consumed abundantly, especially in coastal areas where a variety of fishes are caught by traditional fishermen using line and net, which is usually made from recycled plastic bottle caps. Kebab: As a land-locked country, fish is less prevalent in Bangladeshi cuisine than meat.

6. (3) Halim

Halim is a delicious sweet treat with multiple variations. It’s made up of several layers of flaky pastry with kheer, which is a sweet milk-based pudding, in between. Also known as Bakar Khani, Halim may be eaten plain or with icing sugar sprinkled on top. Because it's so popular, it’s sold by street vendors throughout Bangladesh and has been incorporated into local cuisine through recipes like Halim Shorshe Roghan Bora (Halim stuffed into fried fish). It's also available commercially if you want to try making your own at home!

5. (4) Shahi Tukra

In Bangla, shahi means kingly or royal and tukra means taste. A classic breakfast food all over Bangladesh is made with paratha, a flaky flatbread typically stuffed with potatoes and egg. In Dhaka, a city famous for its Parathas, they are often served with fried green tomatoes or eggs. You can get them with eggs cooked any way you like them; scrambled, fried over easy, or hard-boiled. The yolk oozes out when you bite into it making it as good as if not better than butter on toast!

4. (5) Curries

These are a staple in Bangladeshi food and can be made out of any kind of meat, vegetables, or fish. There are many types of curries like chicken curry, beef curry, mutton curry, gobi (cauliflower) curry, etc. Some of them are called with specific names according to their ingredients like Kalia (peas), scholar dalna (lentil with yellow peas), bhajia/bora (Potato), shukto, etc. All curries consist of a few basic ingredients like ginger-garlic paste, onion-tomato puree, and masala which is quite common across all curries. Then come another few common ingredients for each dish like mustard oil for Chicken curry or prawns for Seafood mutton curry.

3. (6) Momo

These tasty dumplings are a favorite among many residents. They’re often prepared by steaming and pan-frying, though they can also be served cold. There are different variations of momo, so you may find chicken momo or vegetable momo, for example. Many of these special varieties can be found during celebrations and special events. Momos taste great with soup or hot sauce on top. For best results, eat them while they’re still steaming!

2. (7) Potato Chips

Potato chips are one of my favorite snacks, and they’re often labeled as a portion of American food. However, Americans aren’t actually their biggest consumers—that distinction goes to Bangladesh! In fact, potato chips are so popular in that country that they have their own holiday: World Potato Chip Day. So although potato chips aren’t a big part of traditional Bangladeshi cuisine, people there love them just as much as we do here.

1. (8) Puchka / Kati Roll

Puchka or Kati Roll is a Bangladeshi street food that originates from Kolkata. This dish consists of a large fried roll, similar to a burrito but with Indian spices inside it, along with ingredients such as potato, bean sprouts, and various types of meat. Puchka has been dubbed Bangladesh's national snack, perhaps because of its history (many sellers came over from West Bengal). It's one of our favorite foods in Bangladesh.

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